Education in the Member States under the program implemented for many years. In EU countries, education is compulsory by law for all employees who perform sterilization and disinfection.

To obtain the condition for attending training I level, you need to have 150hours work in the Central Sterilization, which confirm the completed check list. By submitting this list with the completed application, you gain a condition of release sample test that is required for the education of I level. Diplomas acquired by passing the written, oral and practical exams, by the members of the commission, after the realization of the theoretical and practical courses.

Education Center Balkan in cooperation with the Associations of sterilization organizes educational school, which is in accordance with the German system of education that meets the highest world standards. The school is intended for employees of sterilization, nurses in operating rooms, clinics and private practices which involve the preparation and sterilization of medical instruments and accessories. The school has an international status and consists of three levels, and can take them all that language is not a barrier to understanding the material.

Candidates must have completed the first level of the program DGSV’s to attend second and third level of education.

The candidates who become students of the school passing the cycle of circulation of medical instruments, as well as important segments that needs to be known in Central sterilization.

Educational school consists of three levels. Training is conducted through the realization of theory and practice.

Theory (65 hours):

Hygiene and microbiology, occupational health and safety, personal protection, handling tools, quality management, the introduction of legislation, roundabout preparation and processing of medical equipment: cleaning, washing and disinfection, care of instruments and test functionality, packaging, sterilization, inspection, documentation, storage, QM, validation.

Practice- Work in small groups (55 hours):

Representation of each step in the preparation of the central sterilization, cleaning and disinfection, care and control functionality of medical equipment, packaging, sterilization, sterilization, control, documentation, validation, storage, transportation, practical exercises, exams.